“i have an irra…

“i have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on a insignificant day”

this is so true i am so scared of going outside in public when im not wearing a cute or fashionable outfit- lol, i’m such a wimp.  <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11115559/?claim=7jurgv9a37t”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


OOTD- casual roses

OOTD- casual roses

so this is my outfit today, its pretty casual because today is church day and i feel like when you go to church you shouldn’t wear anything extremely fancy and fashionable and you definitely cant do to church dressing as a slob. I guess this is the reason why i find dressing myself on Sundays so difficult, whenever i go shopping i never buy anything casual, i want the latest, trendiest, eyepoping piece there is, and so my wardrobe hardly has anything casual and of course i just cant wear the same outfit to church in row.- major first world girl problems!!! so today i’m wearing a top from Jay Jays. The maroon shorts are from Factorie my shoes are white leather converse and my bracelet and ring set are from Equip. embarrassingly i do not know the brand of my leopard print faux backpack, if you know the brand of my backpack please tell me.

first post – OOTD

So hi there, so here in Australia its spring but today was really cold so i wore this oversized jumper that says WEIRDO, which i got from forever 21. these jumpers are really “in” now. As currently everything has been about expression and people expressing themselves through words and slang printed on t-shirts and jumpers. For bottoms i’m wearing Giordano jeggings, and these awsome floral creepers (shoes).